EADD Appendix 6: Organic and inorganic fertiliser conversion table

 Appendix 6. Organic and inorganic fertilizer conversion table

Fertilizer type Application unit Average table (kg)
Slurry 20-kg bucket / debe 22
Slurry Wheelbarrow load 86
Wet manure Standard sack 57
Wet manure Donkey-cart load 400
Wet manure Ox-cart load 200
Wet manure Hand-cart load 250
Wet manure Pick-up load 600
Wet manure Wheelbarrow load 55
Wet manure 20-kg bucket / debe 14
Dry manure Standard sack 45
Dry manure Donkey-cart load 280
Dry manure Hand-cart load 150
Dry manure Pick-up load 450
Dry manure Wheelbarrow load 45
Dry manure Standard kiondo 25
Dry manure Kasuku 1.5
Dry manure 20-kg bucket / debe 12
Dry manure 50-kg debe 30
Compost manure Standard sack 50
Inorganic fertilizer Kimbo or Kasuku tin (2 kg) 2
Inorganic fertilizer 20-kg bucket / debe 20
Inorganic fertilizer Standard sack CAN 20
Inorganic fertilizer Standard sack MAP 50
Inorganic fertilizer Standard sack NPK 20
Poultry manure (unsieved) Standard sack (70 kg) 72
Poultry manure (unsieved) Sack (50 kg) 46
Poultry manure (unsieved) 20-kg bucket / debe 7
Poultry manure (unsieved) Wheelbarrow load 25
Poultry manure (unsieved) Donkey-cart load 300
Poultry manure (unsieved) Lorry 6500
Coffee husks Wheelbarrow load 20

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