iCow Impact Study Results

iCow Impact Study Results

In Sept 2010 we did an in house survey of a focus group of farmers who had registered for 3 information prompts a week.  Seven months later in Jan 2012 we repeated the survey of the same group. The results indicate that iCow is reaching it’s core objective of enabling small holder farmers increase productivity, and more!

  • 82% of farmers who joined in June are still on the platform
  • All claimed they have benefitted from being on iCow
  • 42% farmers report increased incomes
  • 56% of those with increased incomes are due to increased milk yield ranging from 1.5 to 3 litres per lactating animal

Snapshot results of Impact study on farmers who joined iCow in June 2011.

Other benefits include

  • Reduced spending on commercial feed due to knowledge on homemade production
  • Increased markets and incomes for livestock and livestock by products
  • Increased customers reported by AI providers
  • Reduction of animal illness and mortality due to efficient access to relevant experts
  • Storage of feed in preparation for drought and dry conditions
  • Planting of forage  thus planning before purchasing a dairy cow
  • Healthier livestock, including calves

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