Farmers Testimonials

As part quality assurance and part curiosity and passion, we are implementing a new system in Customer Care where we call 5-10 farmers every day. We are curious to know the following:

  1. Are our farmers satisfied with our service
  2. Are they implementing the teachings
  3. What impact has iCow had on each farmer as well as his livestock
  4. What suggestions do farmers have for improvement or new products
  5. How they learnt about iCow

Below are some of the conversations:

This morning we were calling farmers who had registered for Mashauri Kienyeji (Indigenous Chicken Farmer Tips) when we launched this new feature on the iCow platform in October 2013. They have been on the platform for 3.5 months

Farmer Paul Proud NEW owner of 15 Kienyeji Chickens

‘I have now purchased 15 Kienyeji chickens after being on iCow Mashauri Kienyeji since October 2013, I depend on iCow information for rearing my Cows and Chickens. “

Farmer Rotich from Trans Mara Owner of 10 Kienyeji Chickens

‘I joined iCow because I needed information about chickens. I have learnt about observing hygiene when rearing chickens, better housing and also feeding.’ ‘ ….. I have managed to implement some of the information and am managing my chickens differently than before.’

Farmer Lily Owner 30 Kienyeji Chickens

‘I joined iCow so that I can make improvements on managing my livestock. I learnt about iCow through media although I can’t remember which TV station. I have managed to implement some of the information that I have learnt from iCow. I have gained knowledge in feeding and vaccinations. I didn’t even know that Kienyeji chickens are supposed to be vaccinated but now am planning to begin vaccinating them. I would like more info on making concentrates. Most of the challenges that I faced in the past were lack of information and also poor management but now I have gained a lot and am able to run my farm properly. ………..I will register my chickens on iCow Kienyeji Kalenda.

Farmer Anthony from Githunguri Owner NEW 20 Kienyeji Chickens

‘I joined iCow to learn how to manage Kienyeji Chickens and through the information I have received I have now bought 20 Kienyeji Chickens. I learned about iCow through Inooro Fm’

iCow farmer voices January 20th 2014

Today we were calling farmers who had been on the platform for 5 months.

Gicharu in Lamu found out about iCow on a poster, but cannot remember where he saw it. He says he is implementing the information he is receiving and knows much about diseases and feeding now. He also keeps 100 Layer chickens and says he is going to register the flock on Kalenda Layer in order to keep up-to-date on the vaccination requirements. He said he was trying to solve the problems he encountered in farming which included low milk yields and chicken diseases

Jane is from Kitale. Her 17yr old son signed her up for iCow five months ago. He is in form two and heard about iCow through @Shujazz magazine. She says she does not have cows but says she is preparing to get a cow soon and feels knowledgeable due to iCow. She did not know that iCow had information on chickens too and had recently lost 8 of her 10 Kienyeji chickens due to diarrhea and running nose. She said she will register for the chicken features on the platform to avoid the same happening again.

Paul from Nyeri has been on iCow for 5 months. He learned about the service from Radio and joined as he wanted more info on dairy. He has two cows. He says he has learnt about Hygiene, Feeding and Diseases and has increased his overall milk yield from 8-10 to 16 lts between his two animals.

Jan 21st 2014

Today’s farmers were selected as they were using multiple features on the iCow platform.

A friend told 19 yr Young Farmer Susan C from Narok about iCow. She has registered on Mashauri Kienyeji and Mashauri Cow. She registered because she has a passion in farming. She has 1 cow and 1 goat and 15 Kienyeji chickens. She completed her “O” Level last year and is waiting for her results. iCow has taught her about different diseases e.g. New castle and typhoid, milking hygiene and milk fever. The challenges that she has been facing are diseases as her cow has had pneumonia and also watery eyes. She knew about Kalenda because she received a prompt from iCow informing her of the new product although she hasn’t subscribed her flock yet but plans to.

Esther from Uasin Gishu read about iCow through Safaricom sms and joined because she has cows and chickens and needed info on management of dairy cows and Kienyeji chickens. She has 3 cows and 5 Kienyeji chickens. She has learnt about disease prevention, feeding and also housing and she is implementing whatever she is learning. She doesn’t need any other info because she would like to concentrate on both cows and Kienyeji only.

The challenges that she has been facing are Feed shortages, Disease-coccidiosis in chickens and ECF in cows. I told her about ECF vaccine and I told her I will send her an sms with contacts of ECF distributors and she can talk to them.

Joseph is from Kisii. He learnt about iCow on Egesa Fm and joined because he needs knowledge on rearing his cows and chickens. He has learnt about diseases on both chickens and cows and he is implementing his new knowledge. He has 40 Kienyeji chickens and 3 cows. He said he would like info on broilers because he is constructing broiler housing. I told him we already have what he needs, all he has to do is to dial our code and look for Mashauri Broiler.

He said that the challenges he has been facing are feed shortages and lack of knowledge on how to manage his livestock. He knew about Kalenda because he had received an sms from Safaricom few weeks ago

Robert is from Muranga. He read about iCow in the Daily Nation Newspaper and joined because he is a serious dairy farmer. He has 3 cows and 20 Kienyeji chickens. He has been trying to implement the information although not everything and he has learnt a lot on prevention of diseases and making his own concentrates. The challenges that he had faced in the past were diseases e.g. milk fever and mastitis but since he joined iCow he has solved these. He still has issues with lack of skilled labor and feed shortages.

He didn’t know about kalenda so I updated him. He has registered himself on Mashauri Kienyeji and Mashauri Cow.


Jan 22nd 2014 Wednesday

Betty is from Uasin Gishu

She learned about iCow through Safaricom Sms and registered on Mashauri cow, Gestation Kalenda and also on Mashauri Kienyeji features. She had just bought dairy cows and didn’t have any knowledge on rearing them. She has learnt how to feed her cows, planting of different fodder trees, spraying and changing the medicines to prevent tick resistance.

She has 3 cows and 35 Kienyeji chickens. She said that her cows look good and in good health compared to how they looked when she bought them. The challenges that she is facing now are feed shortages during this season because she does not know how to preserve feeds. She knows about Kalenda.

Ndungu from Nayandaru read about iCow through Safaricom sms and registered on Mashauri Kienyeji and on Mashauri Cow features because he is a farmer. He implements the information that we give and some of the things that he has learnt are how to grow different fodder feeds and prevention of mastitis. This was a very common disease for the past few years. He has 4 cows+3 calves. He is doing things differently since he joined iCow because he knows how to preserve fodder for use during dry seasons and also tick control that he is doing regularly now. He would like more info on silage making and feed formulation. The challenges that he is facing are feed shortages, milk markets and also hard to find AI providers from his area. I told him about Vetenari feature and I explained the convenient way of finding Ai/Vet providers in his area. He didn’t know about Kalenda so I told him how he can register.

Rono in Bomet read about iCow through iCow Sms and registered on Mashauri cow and Mashauri Kienyeji features because he needed information on rearing of animals. He has 2 cows. He has learnt how to grow different feeds. He said his cows look healthy because they are getting different nutrients and he has reduced the cost because he doesn’t spend much on feeds. He would like information on dairy goat farming. The challenges that he faces are lack of proper knowledge on management of cows and lack of finance.

Nick from Bomet learnt about iCow on a billboard but he can’t remember where in particular. He registered on MK and MC because he wanted to gather more knowledge on farming. He has learnt how to grow fodder, the best time to harvest napier and also factors that influence chicken health. He has 1 cow , 1 heifer and also 10 Kienyeji chickens. He said that he is doing things differently as before he used to feed his cows with fresh napier and they would have diarrhea .Now he cuts the napier and leaves it for 2 days. He said that his cow has increased milk production from 8ltrs to 10 Ltrs. He said that his cows look healthy and he has controlled ticks on them. He would like more info on heifer rearing. ECF disease has been the major challenge but I told him about the ECF vaccine and I told him that I am going to send him the contacts of the ECF distributors and he can call them. I told him about Kalenda and he said that he will try to register his cow.

Job is from Uasin Gishu. He learnt about iCow in the Shujaaz magazine and registered because he needed more information on feeding. He wanted his livestock to increase milk production so as to increase his income. He has learnt how to feed his cows and chickens with different nutrients, disease prevention and better hygiene. He has 3 cows,30 Kienyeji chickens and 20 ducks. He would like to get information on growing of onions and tomatoes. He didn’t know about kalenda and I told him and he asked me the registration procedure and he said that he will register his chickens. He is registered on MC, MK and ML Features.


Jan 23 2014

David is from Narok. He came to know about iCow he received an sms from Safaricom. He registered on Mashauri Cow and Mashauri Kienyeji because he is a farmer and he wanted to increase knowledge on farming. He has 12 Kienyeji chickens and 7 cows. He has increased his knowledge on both cows and Kienyeji and this has helped his 1 cow increase milk production from 3Ltrs to 7Ltrs. He only needs cow and Kienyeji chickens info. The challenges that he faces are availability of water and feed shortages. He knew about Kalenda.

Moses is from Kakamega and learned about iCow from the Daily Nation Newspaper. He registered on Mashauri Kienyeji and Mashauri Cow features because he has a passion for farming. He has 4 cows and 100 Kienyeji chickens. He is implementing iCow teachings and has learnt about disease control, preventions and vaccinations. He said that before he joined iCow he used to vaccinate his chickens but not regularly but since he joined iCow he is now doing it regularly. His cows look healthy and they have also increased milk production. Cow 1 used to produce 2 litres and now she is producing 5Ltrs and Cow 2 was producing 5 litres and now she is producing 10Ltrs. The challenges he faced in the past was Foot and Mouth disease where he lost 2 cows but now he is more knowledgeable on the control. He didn’t know about Kalenda but when I told him he said that he is going to register his chickens.

Chepkosgei is from Transmara She learned of iCow through a Safaricom Sms and registered because she is a dairy farmer and a poultry farmer. She was looking for a place where she can acquire info on both. She has registered on both Mashauri Kienyeji and Mashauri Cow features. She has 2 cows and 30 Kienyeji chickens and implements iCow teachings.

She has learnt about milk fever disease and how to control ticks. She said her cows looks different because she is paying much attention to feeding. She wants more info on management of dairy cows in order to get best results. She hasn’t faced any challenge and I told her about Kalenda and she said that she is going to register her cows on Kalenda.

Paul from Kericho couldn’t remember where he learnt about iCow but registered because he wants to increase yields. He is registered on Mashauri Kienyeji and MC features and has 17 Kienyeji chickens and 1 cow. He said he has learnt so many things including prevention of mastitis and nutrition of both Kienyeji chicken and cows. He said that before he joined iCow he used to wait for the napier to grow tall but since when he was told that the napier loses nutritional value when it exceeds 3ft he started harvesting it when its 2-3ft tall. He is now very observant on hygiene. He would like info on best breeds and where to get them. He also told me that we sent him a prompt with XXXXX XXXX contacts and we told him to contact them and they will be taught on how to make chicken feeds but when he called he was told to visit their website and when he tried to open their website it failed to open. He suggested that we be specific and upload that info on iCow website. The most common challenges he is facing are disease but he now knows that he is supposed to vaccinate his chickens. He also has problems with low quality feeds. His cow looks different because it’s health has improved, no more ticks hence reducing diseases and his has increased milk production by 1 litre.


Jan 24 2013

Boniface is from Kakamega He read about iCow through Safaricom Sms and registered because he needed information to widen his farming knowledge. He said that he is now more knowledgeable than he was before he joined iCow. He has learnt more on diseases, Feeding and hygiene. He would like info on growing of passion fruits. He has 70 Kienyeji chickens but before he registered on iCow he had 3 hens and 20 young chickens but when we started educating him on Kienyeji rearing he started taking rearing of kienyeji chicken seriously, he bought fertilized eggs and hatched them with his brooding hens. The problems that he has encountered are diseases. He didn’t know about Kalenda but I told him and he said that he is going to register them on Kalenda. He has registered on Mashauri Kienyeji. He is a civil servant and his plan is to have many chickens and start selling them as well as the Kienyeji eggs because there is high demand for them.

Jacob is from Machakos He heard about iCow through Safaricom sms and registered on MK because he is a farmer. He has 3 cows and 10 Kienyeji chickens. He said that he implements some of the info and he has learnt on how to identify new castle disease, feeding and housing. He would also like info on cows. I told him on how to register on Mashauri cow and also on Kalenda. The major problem he faces is coccidiosis disease and finding market for his chickens. He also asked me if we can visit his group because they are intending to start rearing layer chickens. I told him they can register on Mashauri Layer to get information on their new chickens

Shiriana is from Narok She said that she doesn’t know how her kids learnt about iCow and subscribed to Mashauri Kienyeji. She has 1 cow and 4 kienyeji chickens. She said that she hasn’t begun implementing but her children read the prompts for her and they explains although she has not managed to follow them. I asked her about the challenges that she has faced in the past and she said that there comes a season when her chickens start coughing and diarrhea and after 3 days they die. I told her to try and implement the info and she will soon start noticing the benefits and she said that she will start taking the information seriously. Her kids registered her on Mashauri Kienyeji.

Vincent is from Njoro He heard about iCow on Kass Fm radio station and subscribed because he is passionate about farming. He has 2 cows, 50 chickens and 50 chicks .He said that he implements like 2 prompts every week and he has seen a great improvement in his cows because they look very healthy and also 1 of his cows has increased milk production. His cow was producing 4ltrs of milk and she is now producing 7ltrs. He said he has seen a reduction of diseases hence cutting treatment cost due to better tick control because he ensures that his cows are sprayed every 4 days. We told him to spray his cows every 7 days as it is not necessary and costly to spray more frequently. He said he is also more knowledgeable on feeding and vaccinations. He would like to be educated on the best breeds. He didn’t know about Kalenda but when I told him he said that he will register his chickens on Kalenda.

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