The map above shows the Farmers Angel Initiative.

Farmer Angels

Supporting Kenyan farmers during Covid-19

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In the subject line state ‘ I want 2b an Angel’

COVID-19 is affecting small holder farming families in Kenya in many ways.

We asked over 40,000 farmers to SMS how the lockdowns, shut-downs, stay-at-home, closure of schools and curfew are effecting them.

This is what they said.

 Farmers and their families are hungry!

Farmers and their families are hungry!

Farmers and their families are hungry !

We learned the following:

1. The closure of schools means more kids at home and thus more food is being consumed daily.

2. Floods have devastated this season’s crops and many small businesses have closed, adding increasing suffering to farming families that rely on sales and employment.

3. Livestock is beginning to suffer due to the failure to buy feeds, vaccines, and acaricides. Tick-borne diseases in cattle are increasing and poultry mortality is on the rise too. Farmer’s assets are eroding quickly and National food security is at stake.

So we are calling on Angels to join us in a campaign to support farming families that need the most help. Using our Customer Care team we will reach out to all individuals who have requested support and vet them accordingly. Then we will connect you directly to the mothers in these vulnerable farming families.

Angels (YOU) have 2 roles:

1.Support a farming family. Send them $10 each week, directly into their mobile wallet for the next 3 months.

2.Tag another Angel and get them involved.

I am so appreciative, I will use my Angels donation to buy a sack of maize which I shall grind for my children’s meals for the week. I will also buy kerosene for my lamp.
Farmer Jackeline, Mother of 6, Makueni , Kenya.

A little each week can make a world of a difference.

iCow is a facilitator to this process and makes no gain from any transactions and bears no liability for any action or inaction by any party. To participate in this effort please send an email to our team at for the subject write  ‘I Wish To Be An Angel’. We shall send you a contract and then send you the farmer’s mobile phone number.

Thank you for being an Angel!