Best Layer Poultry Practices

Most small holder farmers engage in poultry production

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Problem: Most small holder farmers engage in poultry production, either for eggs meat or both. These livestock act as an important source of dietary protein for the farmers family as well as for sale. Chickens often suffer from poor feeding and hygiene subjecting them to low immunity and thus susceptibility to opportunistic diseases.

Soultion: iCow Global gives YOU the opportunity to support farmers that have registered on the iCow Global service, in improving their knowledge. iCow research data since 2011 has shown that farmers using iCow are capable of improving their yields and incomes within as short a period as 3 months.

Your contribution ensures that farmers will receive 3 content rich SMS on Best Layer Poultry Practices directly in their hands soon after you register. We love SMS’s!
They can be shared, thus your support can create a ripple effect through the farming community too!

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